Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shabina Loves Baseball!

Yes, I'm quite the baseball fan. My grandpa has an entire section of his house dedicated to the Yankees, my dads coached baseball for 20 years, both of my brothers have played since they were old enough to hold a bat... I have no choice but to love baseball. Clearly I love events. So it's only logical that I would love baseball themed events!

Annette over at Swanky Tables did an awesome job with the "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" birthday party for her twins.

Then there's the beyond words wedding that Amorology carefully put together. I'm in awe of their creativity! They really are such an inspiration.

Weddings that are over the top and all about little details are the best kinds there are (in my lovely opinion) They really took having a wedding theme to a new level. Instead of having a guest book to sign, people signed baseballs..how cool is that?! Having tickets as the place cards was brilliant. And did you see those tables?! Baseballs filling up the centerpieces, glass soda bottles at each setting, tables labeled by sections...swoon.

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