Shabina Says So... is a daily inspiration blog to all things fabulous. Founded in May 2010, the site covers everything you need to plan your wedding, as well as fresh ideas for other events, and inspiration for every day living.  Shabina Says So... is updated throughout the day (and usually late at night) with the latest takes on tablescapes, lovely cocktail recipes, bold decor, and a billion other things!

Shabina Says...Hello!

Shabina Florentine
[Editor, Publisher, Founder, Designer...Jane of All Trades]

 No my name isn't really Shabina Florentine, that's just a loving nickname given to me by my roomies. All my close friends call me that...so consider yourself a close friend!  I hate talking about myself so we're just going to do this in a FAQ form to make me feel less awkward. Sound good? Let's go!

Why did you start Shabina Says So...?

I had spent a lot of time traveling through the blogosphere and came across so many brilliant blogs that inspired me. Originally,  I was just going to use this as kinda like a roladex of all the yummy recipes, gorgeous wedding gowns, fabulous color palettes, and bold furniture I came across. Then I thought it was kinda selfish of me to keep all these fabulous things to myself, so I decided to share.

Where did the name Shabina Florentine come from?

Oh that's a very long story! Short version of it is my roomies used to call me Sbbs (pronounced, Shibbz) and one tipsy night it turned into Shabina, followed up with Florentine (courtesy of the soup of the day, Chicken Florentine) And so Shabina Florentine came to be. So when it came time to name this blog Shabina Says So just worked.

What do you do all day?

Honestly? I wake up, check my emails, search through The Knot community boards, and attempt to make a list of things to accomplish for the day. Most of the day is spent in my pjs searching the web for up and coming photographers or really fun weddings to do a feature on. Even when I'm at the beach, I'm going through the latest Martha Stewart magazine or books on interior design. I'm a total night owl so around midnight on any given night I'm usually stalking Preston Bailey's site. I also write for the Examiner:Atlantic City, as their Budget Wedding Expert :)

Do you do event planning?

Actually, yes I do!! I'm getting my certification in event/wedding planning this summer. And on top of that I'm going to school for Interior Design cause I'm more about the "design-picking out the fabrics for the table/choosing the lighting/getting the right furniture" side of weddings than the "planning-dealing with paperwork" side of it. Check out the list of services Shabina Says So provides for your events!

Who is that lovely gal next to you in your picture?

That lovely girl with the fiercest glasses is one of my closest friends, Miss Kristine! She is partially responsible for this blog and I'm hoping that someday soon I'll be able to get her to come on here as a contributor. Kristine is a wonderfully talented pastry chef in Quebec and after a summer of pretty much living together, she was the one who inspired me to get into baking. Fun fact: We worked together at the Shore Store, (yes from the Jersey Shore) spent most of our time baking at the Shore Store House (where the cast films) and walking around the boardwalk handing out our cupcake creations to guys at tattoo shops and the police.And for the record, they all loved our cupcakes!

Do you do Sweets Tables?

I've been on the fence about offering that service. But a few people have asked me about it, so...Yes! You can find out more information by clicking here :)

Shabina loves...
sunflowers. anything yellow. margaritas. the beach. sleeping. audrey hepburn. diy weddings. cupcakes. old movies. flip flops. bright colors. preston bailey (major designer-crush) themed weddings. the office. inspiration boards. over the top events. sweet tables..so ofcours amy atlas. blogging clearly. hgtv. learning to sew. event planning. bold accessories. italian architecture.