Sunday, June 6, 2010

All In the Details...Memorable Napkins

Cocktail napkins have certainly gone through a tough roller coaster ride over the past few years. One year they're super popular, the next people cringe at the thought of them. Personally, I thought they were on the "total waste of money" list. That is, until I came across a wedding that made them super cool again! Lisa was a bride on a mission to make her wedding all about her & her groom...and she succeeded! She brought D.I.Y. to a whole new level.
Instead of just putting their names, wedding date, or monogram on the cocktail napkins, Lisa opted to put memorable moments from their relationship on them. She printed the sweet facts of their courtship herself!

I really love this idea!! Most people just throw away the cocktail napkins and their a total waste. But by putting meaningful quotes, funny stories, or quirky facts about your relationship or each other, it brings an extra memorable details to your big day!

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