Saturday, June 12, 2010

Justin Alexander...stole my heart

Every once in a while I'll stumble across a designer that makes my jaw drop...Justin Alexander is now on that short list. The team of designers there are beyond amazing. Words truly can't do them justice. The Justin Alexander Collection itself is described as "Seductive. Sophisticated. Refined. Modern interpretations of traditional silhouettes." Personally, I think that while their collection is all of those things, it should really be described as "Original. Fresh. Daring. Throwing tradition to the wind, in favor of breathtaking gowns" But hey, that's just me! Let's take a look at why I love the Justin Alexander Collection:

1. Black in wedding gowns are not only acceptable, but brilliantly designed! Not many designers can pull this off

2. Detachable gowns! Not your typical two-piece wedding dress.

3.They made the standard ballgown more trendy. What's not to love about the capulet they added to this dress? It completely changes the style and adds a modern update.

4. Vintage!! And Details!! Love it. Capulet, vintage styled dress, and that darling belt. Perfect combination. [I think it would go splendidly with the vintage inspiration board posted today]

5.The dresses just ooze sexy confidence. What bride doesn't want to feel like a goddess on her wedding day?

I could go on and on about all the different dresses in this collection. Better yet, they have two more bridal collections and a mother of the bride collections also. Justin Alexander is at no shortage of glamorous, romantic, standout gowns. Definitely go check them out...Shabina Says So <3

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