Friday, June 4, 2010

Bring the Indoors Out

Our yard is wait, it's obnoxiously huge. No one should ever make a yard this big. Whoever designed it made it worse by placing an inground pool only a few feet from the back deck. So we have a deck, a little room, an in-ground pool...and a huge amount of open space after that. Not only is our yard obnoxiously huge, it's awkward. Granted our house was built like 40 years ago and I'm fairly confident landscaping wasn't a big priority to whoever did a yard back then. Nonetheless, every time I  go out to the pool I stare at the wide open space after and drive myself crazy trying to figure out what the heck we can do with it. My brother suggested a mini baseball field. My niece & nephew vote for a playground. My grandparents are a big fan of just turning the whole thing into a massive garden so they never have to go to the Farmer's Market again. I on the other hand have fallen in love with the idea of an outdoor room. (Well, that or a mini-cottage I can escape to do all of my art work in...that seems a bit selfish though. A girl can dream right?) HGTV has an amazing amount of ideas for outdoor rooms that just needed to be shared!

            A stylish way to connect an outdoor room to the main house! By using a connecting deck and adding a contemporary couch with intimate lighting, it allows the flow to continue.

                               Who doesn't love sleeping by the pool? Why not take it up a notch and add a cabana with a plush bed? Talk about a tranquil space!

                                                An Egyptian take on the classic cabana. Instead of using a bed or large lounge chairs, invest in some big comfy cushions in different sizes. The water running down the middle of this extension makes for a very feng-shui atmosphere in my opinion.

                                           An outdoor dining room AND kitchen?!  A full grill to bbq on, plenty of space to prepare the food on, and a natural wood dining table nicely combines modern amenities and the great outdoors. Then of course there's the fire pit surrounded by glass to reflect the flames and illuminate the night. Can you tell I'm in love with this set up?

                                          Ok, so it's not an outdoor room, but it's definitely a nice poolside area. The bright fabric cushions are great for the summer and are the perfect accent to the light wood deck & furniture.

                                    The stepping stones across the tranquility pool transformed this boring courtyard into a little piece of Bali in your own backyard.

                                       There's so much to love about this courtyard. It's not your standard outdoor room, so far as there's roof or tent covering it. But I think that's a plus because it's a great area to catch some rays in while reading a book. The walls make the space feel cozy while still being open. Having shelves in the wall provides decor as well as function so you don't have to lug your magazines, books, etc back inside when you're done!

                                                All I can say is ooh la la!! Love the ceiling strung with lights. It really makes the outdoor living room &dining area feel so much more intimate.

                                         This indoor/outdoor lanai overlooking an infinity pool couldn't be more Hollywood. The sleek, curved lounge chairs, paired with the lighting & mirrors placed throughout the lanai give it a really posh feel.

                                        For those of you in the city with the good fortune of having a rooftop, spruce it up by adding a wrap around couch and a loveseat to create sections. By having spaces sectioned off, it gives the illusion of more space.

There are so many options for making more of your outdoor space! You no longer have to just figure out what kind of flowers or bushes you want. If you have the space to bring indoors it! Shabina Says So<3

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