Monday, June 7, 2010

50,Nifty, United States..

For some reason today I'm feeling extra patriotic. We have fifty states, each with their own natural beauty, talented professionals, and beautiful weddings. So, I've decided to take on a different state each day and showcase a wedding/event from each. On top of that I'll be featuring photographers, bakers, florists, etc from that state. A lot of other wedding sites feature gorgeous weddings but only from the popular states like California, Florida, New Jersey, or Texas. They don't always give ample love to weddings in Kansas, Wisconsin or even Montana. I want to change that!
So get ready this summer to tour the good ole USA with Shabina Says So!
Now I just have to figure out where to start. As always, if you want your wedding or other event to be featured on Shabina Says So, email with photos and your story (and your state!)

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