Monday, May 31, 2010

Two Weddings..Fabulous

Today is all about doubles. The feature wedding is in fact two weddings! That's right the bride & groom had two big days (lucky in love for sure!) This feature is doubley special because it is A- in honor of Memorial Day...and B- the lovely couple are in fact very good friends of mine.

Here's the fabulous & fierce story behind Mandi & Patrick's wedding(s):
Most of this will be pictures, because Mandi loves herself some pictures, and honestly, I think their wedding pictures just say so much about them. There 1st wedding, in my opinion, was soo them! They married on the beach on base at sunrise.

It was a simple ceremony with just their maid of honor and best man there while they said there vows....oh & of course the Marines in the background doing P.T. for the morning.
Mandi & Patrick really had the simple beach wedding down pat. It was casual and all about them!

First kiss as a married couple with a beautiful view of the ocean in the background. How perfect!!
And no, I don't think I've ever seem a wedding picture as heartfelt as this one. I dare you to try to find one. Can you just feel the love?!?

The newlyweds had their second wedding when they returned home to good ole Michigan over the winter. They had a reception with their friends and family. Mandi ditched the white dress, opting for the dress she wore to the Marine Ball, and Patrick wore his dress blues.


How sweet of a wedding gift is that...a monogram ice sculpture!! Hands down sweetest present without a doubt!

Now let's get into all the perfect details...and let me tell ya, there sure were a lot!

The tablescapes look nothing short of amazing. Did you notice the orchid at every setting? To die for! The candy bar...before sweet bars were "in". Yep, Mandi was a trendsetting bride and made it look oh so easy. The little details of both weddings are definitely what made both days so special. Fun fact, after their intimate beach wedding, the newlyweds enjoyed their first meal as a married!

The best aspect of Mandi & Patrick's wedding(s) is that they stayed true to who they are. So many times couples get caught up in making everyone else happy or turning their wedding into something "big" when that's not really what they like. Remember your wedding day..or about you and your fiance. Keep it real, keep it heartfelt, keep it love-filled....and as always, if you can have 2 days go for it!
Shabina Says So <3

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