Saturday, July 24, 2010

Garage living!

How many of you have dreamed of turning your garage into something more spectacular? If you live in New Jersey then you probably have a garage full of nothing but "extras" sweet take on "junk". No one around here parks their cars in their garages, we all just use these big ole spaces for things we've accumulated over the years. I'm hoping this post will inspire you to switch things up a little! Sort through all those things, donate what's still in good condition and kick the rest to the curb. Then you'll have plenty of room to do something different with your garage, something that will make the neighbors jealous...

Up in Massachusetts, Frank Shirley of Frank Shirley Architects changed the way I look at this space. He turned an attached two-car garage into a magnificent family room, three bedrooms, two extra bathrooms and a laundry room...with the help of an addition of course. Talk about some serious extra value when it's time to sell! Plus the bonus of all that added space to enjoy.

                                                        Just your average garage right?

                                               Only till Frank Shirley got his creative hands on!

                                                      Garage full of "extras"......

                                              turned into a garage full of extras we love!

Can you imagine your messy garage looking like this? With a little extra work and some creativity it could! A little thinking outside of the box can make all the difference between a regular ole garage and a gorgeous living space/additional bedroom/game room...skys the limit!

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